“Fit, Toned Skin is the key to Healthy, Youthful Skin”

THUYEN NGUYEN, Celebrity Facialist & Founder

FaceXercise is the newest innovation to hit the boutique beauty and wellness industry.  Our Skin Fitness Studio offers services that unify the ancient art of facial sculpting with physical fitness to meet the modern demands of staying skin fit, looking fresh and aging beautifully.   FaceXercise offers our select patrons a non-invasive alternative to maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, facial muscle time, boosting dermal immunity and embracing beauty of graceful aging.  Our beautiful Tribeca and Hamptons spaces offer a facial fitness approach to anti-aging skincare in a spa-like environment for our patrons to achieve the most relaxing skin "workout" session.


Originating from his 20 years of extensive studies in holistic health, therapeutic massage and a highly publicized skincare practice with A-Listers and international devotees, celebrity facialist Thuyen Nguyen is known for his philosophy of "Fit, Toned Skin is the key to Healthy, Youthful Skin."  Having gained notoriety as a holistic health and skincare expert, Thuyen is now pioneering the movement of anti-aging skincare from the luxury spa world over to the realm of boutique fitness by offering his sought after "workout-based" facial InstantLift packaged as a "facial bootcamp" series.   As he's been quoted in international magazines,

"I never understood why we religiously workout the muscles and skin of our body, yet we don't offer the same toning dedication towards the muscles and skin of the face and neck.  Staying physically fit keeps you looking and feeling young, yet up until now facial fitness has remained the missed opportunity for us to achieve the same anti-aging goals we continue to search for in a new bottle of cream or the invasive array of injections or laser procedures." 

For Nguyen, it's this important disconnect that fueled his passion to offer a method of turning back the hands of time that is both healthy across the board while also delivering our need for instant, glowing gratification.  The most effective and graceful way to achieve non-invasive, anti-aging results has been right in front of us the entire time.

Thuyen believes and has proven in his successful practice that the elusive fountain of youth is found in the ancient art of Facial Toning Therapy and detoxifying Asian Facial Cupping.  It is a medically-proven fact that massage is a passive form of exercise well-documented in physiotherapy and sports medicine journals.   Massage and Cupping benefits primarily on three core levels of health.  It stimulates rapid circulation, challenges the skin matrix to tone for optimum elasticity and detoxes and de-stresses the mental and physical tension associated with pre-mature aging.  Celebrated in countless international publications throughout the past 8 years since his original debut as Creative Director and Featured Practitioner over Robert De Niro's the Greenwich Hotel followed by the success of his La Don Spa, Thuyen has since excelled further by opening his own boutique loft location in Tribeca and his flagship sanctuary in the Hamptons which earned him "Best in New York" by VOGUE 2013 and "Best Facialist" in MANHATTAN Modern Luxury 2015.  

"In retrospect, I also was taken back by the pure simplicity of what I was offering.  Being originally stamped as a top massage therapist in the New York and Los Angeles, I witnessed the immediate and long term detoxing and toning effects of a regular therapeutic massage, so I logically brought that phenomenon up to the neck and face..."

Featured Service: 

Instant-Lift Facial Ultimate Workout (80, 50 or 25 minutes)
Our most revered facial created by our skin alchemist draws on lymph drainage and specialized rapid finger sculpting techniques to tone and lift the muscles of the face and neck.  Uniquely designed ancient facial cupping takes center stage with a series of organic elixirs and tonics that are customized and thoroughly worked into the dermal layers to decongest and deliver nourishing oxygen, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Deemed a true “workout therapy? for the face and neck, this holistic facial provides invigorating, lasting results for all skin types.  Like exercising the body, regular attention will deliver naturally healthy and youthful skin.  A must-have facial maintenance that also compliments the regular use of cosmetic injections.

Our trademark "workout" facials are  offered in 25, 50 and 80 minute sessions to accommodate to our members active lifestyles. 

Asian Facial Cupping was an ancient healing and aesthetic tenement mainly reserved for Asian royals stemming from the over 2000 history of Acupuncture.  Although back cupping has been recognized in the last few decades in the west as a viable form of naturally detoxing the body, Facial Cupping has only recently hit press intrigue through Thuyen Nguyen's highly publicized work with celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Uma Thurman, Eva Mendes, Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Carla Cogino and Jimmy Fallon.  He's taken this time-honored eastern morality and parlayed an alternating system that has proven to detox the skin from the bone up through all three dermal layers, tighten pores through a rolling skin action and revive lost tone and muscle memory for clients who have been searching for a natural, health alternative to the artificial injection approach.